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A holiday in Schladming-Dachstein can be many things. Full of adventure, full of excitement and adrenaline. Or soothing, calming and relaxing. In any case, it’s something that always stays in your memory.

Our house located in the centre of Schladming are the ideal base from which to explore the region in all its variety, to spend quality time with friends and family, to be active, or to just do things for which you otherwise never have the time. Like nothing, for example.

Welcome to das bleibt****
in Schladming-Dachstein

Our house

Want to spend the whole day indoors without feeling guilty? In das bleibt, that’s no problem. But neither is going out. It’s just up to you.

Touring skis
Mountain biking
Cross-country skiing

Our philosophy

A feeling, a scent, a moment. A laugh, an mmm…, a yes. Arrive, breathe in, breathe out, sleep through the night. Family, love, time and more time. Breakfast in bed, breakfast at twelve, breakfast for two. An excursion, a sunny day, a Sunday on a Monday. What stays? Everything stays. If you stay at das bleibt.


Autumn Special -15%

There is a autumn special -15%


Valid for all bookings until October 25th to November 1st 2023

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